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BLACK Ultimate lights Out™ Sleep Mask

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lights Out™ Sleep Mask Set

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Black Sleep Masks are Out of Stock

Get great sleep anytime anywhere!
No more dark circles under your eyes!

As is rarely the case, sometimes the best product is not the most expensive one. When I went looking for a sleep mask to purchase, I found they ranged in price and all suffered from one design flaw or another. Then I came across the lights Out™ sleep mask by SPAcific.

This unique sleep mask is manufactured using a patented mold to prevent the mask from flattening against your eyelids when you sleep. This is especially important during REM sleep, characterized by Rapid Eye Movement. During sleep, a healthy adult alternates between Non REM and REM sleep. Approximately 25% of sleep is REM sleep and is absolutely essential to health and well-being.

Also, unlike so many of the sleep masks being sold, this one is comfortable. The material of the mask is light and silky and its available in two colors: black and lavender. You will awaken feeling well rested and refreshed. If you need or desire to sleep during the day and you want the best possible sleep, look no further, this is the sleep mask you need to get.

For the ultimate sleeping experience, you might want to consider getting the lights Out™ Ultimate Sleep Mask sold with our exclusive Lavender Flaxseed Eye Pillow.

What customers are saying...

Place over eyes secure velcro™ strap at the back of your head.
  • Get uninterrupted sleep
  • Shut out the bright light of the sun or the moon
  • Eye mask design allows for complete and free eye movement

  • Sinus Mask
  • Eye Pillow
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